How to bypass Apple requiring credit card during account creation

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Dear Apple,
Why you gotta be this way?
In order to do a simple thing, like install an OS X virtual machine in VMware, Apple requires that you sign up for an iTunes account.
As if this is not enough they then require a credit card or PayPal account to even finish the review process.
Luckily there is an easy way to bypass this requirement. By following the instructions here – can select “none” if you attempt to download a free app first before creating an iTunes account.
Ok Apple so now you have wasted my time and added absolutely nothing except inconvenience to your users, it is easy to bypass your credit card validation requirement. Even if it wasn’t you can purchase a prepaid virtual MasterCard online for $1 ( under any name you wish using anonymous bitcoin payment so it is easy to see how pointless this check is.
After jumping through these hoops you still have no personal information so if your purpose for all of these hoops was to verify your users and stop hackers from signing up for fake accounts you have failed. If your purpose was to annoy people, invade their privacy, and waste their time congratulations you have succeeded.
Update: If you want to create an OSX VM just use Hackintosh, it works better anyway.

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