New OnlyKey Firmware Release Beta 2

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This release addresses issues and introduces two new features. It is recommended for all users to update OnlyKey firmware to this version. Instructions for loading OnlyKey firmware can be found in the “Loading OnlyKey Firmware” section of the Quick Start Guide.

Issue – Accidentally pressing a button when inserting OnlyKey into USB which requires entering PIN twice. Resolution – OnlyKey now has the LED fade in and out for ~2 seconds when you first insert into USB which looks pretty cool and also lets you know that it is starting up. During this time button presses are ignored.

Issue – Macbook issue. Affected a small number of devices where when the OnlyKey is used with a Macbook the OnlyKey MK20 overheats and the device becomes inoperable. Resolution – Lowered MK20 clock speed effectively decreasing the operating temperature of the OnlyKey.

Feature – Lock the OnlyKey automatically after a period of inactivity. The OnlyKey will lock requiring PIN re-entry after 30 minutes of inactivity. This lockout time value will be configurable in future release through the Chrome App (i.e. You can set the value to an hour, or disable this lockout).

Feature – Several versions of Firmware are available for different non-US keyboard layouts. This includes: French (AZERTY), GERMAN, UK, and US_INTERNATIONAL. The keyboard layout will be configurable in a future release through the Chrome App (I.e. select keyboard layout from a drop down list).

SHA256 Hashes of firmware has been provided in the Quick Start Guide for download validation –