Introducing OnlyKey Color w/New Features and New Accessories

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We are much overdue for an OnlyKey update. For the past few months the OnlyKey team has been hard at work on the latest and greatest OnlyKey hardware design, features, and accessories.

NEW HARDWARE DESIGN… Introducing OnlyKey Color™

Sometimes a video says it all

Why a color LED on an OnlyKey? Lots of reasons, and not just to impress your friends.

  1. Easier to seeThis light is much brighter than the original OnlyKey LED.

  2. Haptic feedbackIt’s a lot easier to recognize key presses.

  3. Meaning behind the colorThe possibilities are almost as endless as the color combinations, red light flashes for incorrect PIN entry, Green light flashes for successful login, Blue light fades in and out for U2F login… etc.

Want one? – We are accepting pre-orders here:

OnlyKey Color (US Version)

OnlyKey Color (International Version)

This will be first come first serve, we plan to ship pre-orders between now and April 1st.

Note: The original OnlyKey will still be supported as well as the new color version.



We are currently testing a new major release that introduces several new features. BETA TESTERS WANTED! Email [email protected] for details.

Note: These new features are still in development and this is not a release that is available to the public yet for actual use. If you want to test it out keep in mind this is a preview of the upcoming release and not to be used for storing actual sensitive data.

Enhancements in the next release

  • Increased max length of passwords to 56 characters.

  • Increased max length of usernames to 56 characters.

  • Increased max length of labels to 16 characters.

  • Increased ECC key storage from 1 to 32 private keys.

  • Option to choose RETURN after a password or NONE


New Features introduced in the next release

  • URL field (max length 56) – Now in addition to storing a username, password, and 2FA in each slot you can store the URL of the login page. This allows a true one touch login. See how it works –


  • Key Storage – We introduced an experimental feature in the last OnlyKey release that allows you to use OnlyKey to store a private key that can be used for SSH authentication. We are expanding this so that you can store 32 ECC private keys and 4 RSA private keys that can be used for SSH authentication. Each key also has a label assigned to it so just like with slots, an identifier can be assigned to each key.


  • Key Functionality – In addition to using ECC and RSA private keys for SSH authentication we are building a framework that will permit use for signing (OpenPGP email/file signing), decryption (OpenPGP email/file decryption), and our new backup feature. Under the hood – Up to 32 ECC keys are supported of type curve25519, P256 (NIST), and K256 (Used for Bitcoin) and up to 4 RSA keys are supported with key sizes 1024, 2048, 3072, and 4096 bit keys.


  • Secure Backup/Restore – Encrypted backup is now a built-in feature. Just like many other features on the OnlyKey, backups are possible on any computer. It essentially works like this:

Step 1. Load a key and select it as backup key.

Step 2. Hold the #1 button down for over 5 seconds.

Step 3. The OnlyKey types out (keyboard) a backup text file that is encrypted using the backup key.

To restore from backup – Just load the same backup key on this or another OnlyKey and load the backup text file to the OnlyKey using the OnlyKey App. When complete the OnlyKey will contain the same data as the backup.

  • Config Mode – This secondary feature has been added to provide additional protection against the following scenario:

Bob leaves his OnlyKey unlocked and plugged into his computer and walks away, Alice walks up and loads her key onto Bob’s OnlyKey and sets this as the backup key and then uses this to create a backup. Alice now has the encrypted contents of Bob’s OnlyKey and knows the key.

While Bob should not have left his device unlocked and unattended we still want to prevent this scenario so first a device must be in config mode to load keys or to restore from backup. To put a device in config mode hold the #6 button down for 5 seconds on an unlocked OnlyKey, then re-enter the PIN. This ensures that only someone who knows the PIN can select the private key used to create a backup.


OnlyKey Case

Wouldn’t it be nice to add some extra protection to your OnlyKey while also adding cosmetic appeal and a more professional look. We think so and this is why we are working on developing a silicon case accessory.

How would this work? – Essentially it just slips onto your OnlyKey. The video showing off OnlyKey color above also shows our case prototype.

What color options would be available? – The plan would be to have 5 colors – Black, White, Red, Green, and Blue.

We are currently in the prototype phase and have a working model

OnlyKey USB adapter

While not officially supported, many users are successfully using OnlyKey on Android by using a USB OTG cable/adapter. We would like to make this easier to do by making available compact/portable USB OTG adapters for USB Micro and USB type-C. This would also enable use on the new Macbook that only has USB type-C. We are looking at options that permit attaching to the keychain as these are the best fit for OnlyKey. Here are some of the options we are evaluating:

USB Micro OTG Adapter


USB Type-C OTG Adapter (This one also might come in handy if you have the new Macbook which only has a USB Type-C port)

Stay tuned… More information coming soon.