OnlyKey Cases Now Available in Color! Stealth Black, Guardian Blue, Hacker Green, and Resistance Red.

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OnlyKey is protected with a clear potting compound that provides:

1) Durability – OnlyKey is crush and impact resistant, it stands up to abuse. You can carry it on your keychain, in your pocket, etc.

2) Waterproof – Accidentally leave your OnlyKey in your pocket and it goes through the washing machine? No problem.

3) Transparency – It is possible to visually verify that things have not been tampered with and there is not a hardware backdoor installed.

To provide even more durability and style OnlyKey color cases are available. Choose a color that fits your style – Stealth Black, Guardian Blue, Hacker Green, or Resistance Red.

Buy now for $8.99, free shipping anywhere in US

International Buyers – Buy now for $8.99 plus shipping

This case fits both the OnlyKey Original and the OnlyKey Color.