Future ready – post-quantum encryption demonstrated on OnlyKey

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Today we are demonstrating the first implementation of post-quantum crypto on the OnlyKey. This is the first step in making OnlyKey the first commercially available post-quantum encryption device.

This proof-of-concept essentially demonstrates that post-quantum algorithms like NewHope Simple are OnlyKey compatible. While this is a long way from a user ready solution, we have been able to successfully integrate OnlyKey’s random number generator with the Newhope Simple implementation provided by Dr. Michael Scott.

In this simple example two participants, Alice and Bob, who have no prior arrangement, establish a secret key on the OnlyKey. This is initiated by having the OnlyKey connected and loading a web application that tells OnlyKey to run the test.

The test takes less than a second to generate keys for Alice and Bob and generate their shared secret keys. The speed at which the OnlyKey can perform would provide a good user experience. With integration of a server side implementation, OnlyKey would be able to support end-to-end encryption using next-generation, post-quantum cryptography.

To find out more check out – OnlyKey Quantum.