OnlyKey Quantum Release | Easy SSH | OpenPGP Everywhere | New Desktop App

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We are pleased to announce that OnlyKey Quantum is now available. With this release we have made many improvements, most notably our passwordless Easy SSH and OpenPGP Everywhere features. For a full list of the new features available see the new firmware release notes here.

In order to get started trying out the new OnlyKey Quantum features, upgrade the firmware on your OnlyKey using the instructions here and then check out our updated documentation:

Step 1 – Set up a Keybase account

Step 2 – Load your Keybase private key onto OnlyKey

Step 3 – Now you can try out sending secure messages with our apps, WebCrypt and BrowserCrypt. Note: These apps are still in development and are available for testing. A production ready release of the apps will be available in the next month.

You can also now use OnlyKey for SSH authentication with OnlyKey Agent. For more information on the new features available, check out the release notes.

The #1 most requested thing we get for OnlyKey is a stand-alone desktop app.

It’s finally here! We are releasing a public beta of our new desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux available here. A production ready release of the desktop app will be available in the next month.

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