CryptoTrust is an independent security-consulting firm


Our consultants have years of industry experience in Cybersecurity and all have internationally recognized security credentials.


We work with companies large and small across just about every industry. We specialize in working with investment firms.


We take the time to get to know your security goals. We take seriously the task of achieving these goals.


We identify vulnerabilities and work closely with clients to find solutions. Sometimes even identifying zero day vulnerabilities in products such as Kaspersky Labs and Bloomberg.

Secure Systems Design and Development

CryptoTrust is active in open source software development projects that benefit the security community. CryptoTrust provides the software development and support for the OnlyKey project.

OnlyKey began as a CryptoTrust R&D project to solve a common problem, how to protect accounts from hackers. Read more…

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"How durable is it?"

This is one of the most common questions I get about OnlyKey. While we have the answer to this question in our FAQ that's just not quite as gratifying as watching an OnlyKey set on fire and run over by a car. TPIDG recently ...
OnlyKey Durability Review
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We are pleased to announce that the latest and greatest OnlyKey software is now available! This release includes a new, easier to use desktop app for Windows/Mac/Linux and OnlyKey firmware. Our most notable changes with this release is that we hav...
OnlyKey Beta 7 Release - Blockchains, Bootloaders, and Better OnlyKey Experience
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We don’t publish many OnlyKey project updates. But when we do, it’s to announce some big news. We have been hard at work on the latest and greatest OnlyKey software which will include some major improvements and new features. Our most notable cha...
Blockchains, Bootloaders, and Better OnlyKey Experience
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Today we are introducing our OnlyKey U2F Android app. This app now makes it possible to use your OnlyKey directly on Android devices as a FIDO U2F security key or use it to generate Google Authenticator OTP codes. This makes the full feature set of O...
Introducing OnlyKey Android App for FIDO U2F, Google Auth (TOTP), and OpenPGP everywhere support
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We are pleased to announce that OnlyKey WebCrypt is now available. With this release we have built the first serverless OpenPGP Everywhere app. Using PGP with key stored safely offline has never been easier.

In order to get started make sure you h...
OnlyKey WebCrypt Release
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