We are much overdue for an OnlyKey update. For the past few months the OnlyKey team has been hard at work on the latest and greatest OnlyKey hardware design, features, and accessories. NEW HARDWARE DESIGN… Introducing OnlyKey Color™ Sometimes a...
Introducing OnlyKey Color w/New Features and New Accessories
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Before getting into the details of our new firmware and Chrome app releases we want to take a minute to provide some useful information on how to backup your OnlyKey securely. Here are two instructional videos on backing up your OnlyKey. Standa...
Lots of Updates - New OnlyKey Features, Chrome App Preferences Page, Experimental SSH Support, and more!
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This release addresses issues and introduces two new features. It is recommended for all users to update OnlyKey firmware to this version. Instructions for loading OnlyKey firmware can be found in the "Loading OnlyKey Firmware" section of the Quick S...
New OnlyKey Firmware Release Beta 2
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I have noticed that attackers often still use MS Office Macros in spear phishing attacks. They send out emails like a request for payment on an invoice and attach a word document to the email called invoice.doc. When a user opens the document and ena...
Hacking Macro Malware – The Hunter becomes the prey
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Gatekeeper is Apple’s anti-malware feature built into OS X that is designed to keep untrusted and malicious applications from running.  With Gatekeepers typical setting, if a user tries to open an application that is not signed with an Apple-recog...
Macrosploit - Bypassing Gatekeeper in OS X (part1)
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We build innovative security products like OnlyKey


OnlyKey (International Version)


  • Physical Security Features

  • Military Grade Encryption

  • Password Manager w/Basic Two Factor Authentication

  • Self-Destruct Feature

  • Plausible Deniability Feature

  • Ships internationally

NOTE: The only difference between the U.S. Version and the International Version is the firmware loaded. Instructions on how to load your own firmware is provided in the quick start guide.

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Our security services.

Security Architecture Review

CryptoTrust has the right tools and expertise to provide an independent evaluation that will help you identify any security gaps you may have before an attacker does.

Vulnerability Assessment

It is constant challenge for organizations to assess and prioritize information security vulnerabilities. We provide a prioritized checklist of findings to simplify remediation.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test does not stop at simply uncovering vulnerabilities. Our penetration testing methodology simulates a real world attack and is based on industry standard NIST SP 800-115.


CryptoTrust’s professionals understand that there is no magic bullet when it comes to security. Only through a well designed and well tested security architecture using a defense in depth methodology can a robust security posture be attained.