We are pleased to announce that OnlyKey WebCrypt is now available. With this release we have built the first serverless OpenPGP Everywhere app. Using PGP with key stored safely offline has never been easier.

In order to get started make sure you h...
OnlyKey WebCrypt Release
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Today we are demonstrating the first implementation of post-quantum crypto on the OnlyKey. This is the first step in making OnlyKey the first commercially available post-quantum encryption device.

This proof-of-concept essentially demonstrates tha...
Future ready - post-quantum encryption demonstrated on OnlyKey
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As part of OnlyKey Quantum we are building OnlyKey WebCrypt, a first of its kind web application to allow on-the-go encryption using OnlyKey. To understand why we are building this it makes sense to look at how this is different from everything else ...
An Introduction to OnlyKey WebCrypt
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Today we launched a new Kickstarter for OnlyKey Quantum.
This is the result of months of work to make OnlyKey into a future ready encryption device. OnlyKey is the perfect balance of convenience and security when it comes to passwords and now we are...
OnlyKey Quantum - Future Ready Encryption for Everyone
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Google's Advanced Threat Protection Program
A few days ago Google announced a new “Advanced Protection Program” which they advertise as follows:

“The Advanced Protection Program safeguards the personal Google Accounts of those most at risk ...
Using OnlyKey with Google's new Advanced Threat Protection Program
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We can help you with…

Security Architecture Review

With internationally recognized security credentials and proven experience we provide comprehensive evaluation of security controls and help you identify any security gaps.

Vulnerability Management

It is constant challenge for organizations to assess and prioritize information security vulnerabilities. We can help implement, prioritize, and simplify vulnerability management.

Penetration Testing and Red Team

Our penetration testing and red team assessments are conducted in a safe and professional manner. This is the best way to uncover active security gaps and is based on industry standard NIST SP 800-115.


CryptoTrust’s professionals understand that there is no magic bullet when it comes to security. Only through a well designed and well tested security architecture using a defense in depth methodology can a robust security posture be attained.

Secure Product Development

CryptoTrust is actively involved in open source software development is a sponsor of the OnlyKey project. OnlyKey is a first of it’s kind secure hardware password manager with features including:
– Secure encrypted password storage
– Multiple methods of two-factor including FIDO U2F and OTP
– SSH authentication for an unlimited number of systems
– OpenPGP everywhere through integration with Keybase
– Secure encrypted backup anywhere

OnlyKey began as a CryptoTrust R&D project to solve a common problem, how to protect accounts from hackers. Read more…