The Best Defense is a Good Offensive Security Strategy

Vulnerability Assessment

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    Regular vulnerability assessments are an essential part of cybersecurity risk management. Taking a proactive approach to close any gaps and maintain strong security for your systems, data, employees, and customers.

  • Data breaches are often the result of unpatched vulnerabilities, identifying and eliminating these security gaps, removes that attack vector. Ensure compliance with NIST, PCI DSS, and HIPAA with a vulnerability assessment.

Penetration Testing

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    Our penetration testing is conducted in a safe and collaborative manner. We uncover security gaps and train your team to eliminate them.

  • Similar to a test flight, this will gauge how effective your security controls are by testing them in the same way they will be used or abused by hackers.

Red Team Exercise

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    Our red team exercise is the best way to test how well your blue team is able to defend against an advanced adversary.

  • This zero-knowledge exercise simulates an advanced attack scenario that utilizes a combination of the tactics advanced persistent threat (APT) actors utilize to infiltrate network and systems.

Purple Team Exercise

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    Our purple team exercise is a collaborative red team exercise where our red team works with your blue team to simulate an advanced attack scenario.

  • This shared-knowledge exercise utilizes a combination of adversary tactics from the MITRE ATT&CKĀ® framework to infiltrate network and systems.

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