“OnlyKey began as a CryptoTrust R&D project to solve a common problem, how to protect accounts from hackers”
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Store accounts securely with only one PIN to remember

Compare Vs. Yubikey

Yubikey 5

  • Stores up to 2 passwords
  • N/A Does not store usernames/URLs
  • Stores up to 32 OTP accounts
  • Functions as a security key (FIDO U2F) for an unlimited number of sites
  • Supports Yubikey OTP 2 factor authentication for an unlimited number of sites
  • Device PIN – If lost or stolen no sensitive information can be obtained1
  • Open Source
  • Yubikey is not upgradable, device must be replaced2
  • Yubikey does not support backups3

1Yubikey does not require a device PIN so if it is lost anyone can plug it in and gain access the device. OnlyKey automatically locks after a set period of inactivity when plugged in and always is locked when powered off. A device PIN is entered on OnlyKey to unlock and access device.

2Yubikey does not support upgrading firmware. This means when a problem is found in Yubikey the device must be replaced, this happened in 2017 and again in 2019. OnlyKey is easily upgradable using our secure blockchain bootloader™ which allows users to upgrade and gain access to new features and functionality.

3Yubikey does not support backup of devices. If a Yubikey is lost and the user does not have another way to access their accounts there is no way to restore the data to a new Yubikey to access accounts. OnlyKey supports secure backup anywhere, a passphrase or key is used to create an encrypted backup that may be restored to a new OnlyKey in the event that the key is lost.

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