OnlyKey WebCrypt 3.0 – Now Supporting Multiple Recipients and ProtonMail

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When we first released WebCrypt back in 2017 it was a first of its kind web app that permits using a hardware device to encrypt directly in the browser. Since then we have added features to make PGP easier, send encrypted messages to Keybase users, and creating personal links to receive encrypted files.

Now with WebCrypt 3.0 users can do that and more:

  • Send and receive messages/files from Protonmail users
  • Send and receive messages/files to multiple recipients
  • Search for both Keybase and Protonmail users to send to
  • Create encrypted share links (using GUN decentralized database)
  • Supports RSA and X25519 PGP keys
  • 3rd Party Integration

Demo Time

WebCrypt is universally supported in Firefox, Chrome and essentially all browsers that support FIDO2, with iOS 13.3+ its even supported in Safari on iPhone.

Find out more

Read the docs here

Try it out here

What’s Next?

We are working on 3rd party NPM package for developers to be able to integrate OnlyKey into any site or app for encryption. Our 3rd party module allows strong encryption and unique keys per site enforced by FIDO2 origin which provides phishing resistant, hardware backed, web site and app encryption.