Upcoming OnlyKey App and Features Including Native M1 Mac Support, Node Package for Developers, and More

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As part of the OnlyKey DUO launch on Kickstarter, today we are pleased to announce some upcoming developments and new features for both OnlyKey and OnlyKey DUO!

There are 19 days left to pre-order OnlyKey DUO, help us unlock these stretch goals!

  • $30K – 3X Our Funding Goal – Release 3rd party Node JS package to allow developers to easily add hardware encryption to 3rd party desktop and web applications.
  • $40K – 4X Our Funding Goal – Release OnlyKey App with native support for M1 Macs.
  • $50K – 5X Our Funding Goal – Add support for 24 Yubikey OTP and HMAC slots. Yubikey currently supports only 2 slots, this will allow each OnlyKey to store as many accounts as 12 Yubikeys.
  • $60K – 6X Our Funding Goal – One of the most requested OnlyKey features, allow custom type speed to be set for every slot.
  • $70K – 7X Our Funding Goal – Pursue FIDO2 L1 Certification.
  • $100K – 10X Our Funding Goal – New OnlyKey design with dual color LEDs and top/bottom visible LED.

What we need from you, is to help us spread the word even more!

Share OnlyKey DUO – https://onlykey.io/duo

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