OnlyKey Release Announcement

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Today we are pleased to announce that the latest and greatest OnlyKey software is now available! This release includes a new, easier to use desktop app for Windows/Mac/Linux to be used in conjunction with the latest OnlyKey firmware. There are many improvements and we are introducing some new and exciting features including:

  • Windows 10 support (Fixes 1903 compatibility issue)
  • Android support (with OpenPGP message/file encryption support)
  • FIDO2 (supports Windows Hello and Azure AD)
  • File encryption (using Firefox, Chrome, Edge(new), Brave web browsers or a native app to encrypt/decrypt files)
  • PINs can now be changed!
  • An easy config mode, no app needed
  • Challenge-response (HMACSHA1 – we are working with the KeepassXC project to add OnlyKey support)
  • Lock Button – Lock your computer and OnlyKey with touch of button on OnlyKey
  • Message encryption improvements – Better integration with Keybase, you can now use our search tool to find Keybase user’s and easily send secure messages and files. Easily receive secure messages and files from anyone using our web app
  • Auto OpenPGP key loading – Loading private keys onto OnlyKey is now easier, just provide the key and passphrase and the key is loaded automatically
  • Auto firmware upgrades – The app prompts when new firmware is available and allows automatic upgrade of firmware

In order to get started trying out the new OnlyKey features, follow our upgrade guide here.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Webcrypt 2.0 feature highlight where we show Webcrypt 2.0 in action to:

  • Search Keybase users
  • Send Keybase users encrypted messages/files
  • Create a personal link to receive encrypted messages/files from anyone